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Standard Pension Options


Many people have attended local retirement seminars or have spoken to their retired friends to learn about their pension options. State employees and teachers will be faced with 4 different choices upon retirement. The first, and highest payout, is called "Straight Life Option". There will also be three other options that are commonly referred to as "Survivor Options". The Survivor Options are percentages representing the amount that your spouse would receive when you pass away.

The example below illustrates the 4 options:





The figures used in the example above are hypothetical. The actual figures will vary based upon salary.What many people are not being told by their employers or at retirement seminars, is that there could be literally dozens of other options other than these standard four above. Depending on the situation, these other options could protect the retiree better than the standard state options, while providing exactly the same, or greater pension. Click the button below to learn more about the Pension-Max Strategy.

Straight Life Option:

100% Survivor Option:

75% Survivor Option:

50% Survivor Option:









Retiree Pension Amount

Surviving Spouse Pension Amount

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